Hotel Cabecera


The Hotel Casa Vieja del Sastre, is is a small hotel located near Cudillero in Asturias. Is the result of the rehabilitation of a house of traditional Asturian architecture. The original house was built in 1890. This is a place full of direkte Buchungstories. Throughout its history it was the home of a wealthy family, the priest’s house, the headquarters of the Guardia Civil and a prison. After the civil war it remained closed until 1945. It was at this time that it became a tailor’s shop that remained for more than 40 years and a guest house.

coleccion maniquies hotel hoteles cudillero

All the furniture and tailoring tools contained in the house were recovered. That’s how we came up with the idea of turning it into a theme hotel. The world of tailors and couturiers can be breathed in every corner. A small museum within your reach. The floors and the carpentry are made of wood. The rooms are warmly colored and the common areas are full of mannequins, figurines, diplomas, irons… All are memories of our family history that we gladly recreate for our customers. Measures Vovid19It can be considered the only hotel museum of the council of Cudillero and probably of the hotels of Asturias. On one of its facades it is said that there was an inscription “the house of two centuries”, of which today only the memory of its location remains. View rooms

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