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Menu of the Restaurant Casa Vieja del Sastre

Dear guest,

On behalf of the staff and myself, I would like to welcome you and thank you for choosing us as your hosts.

We thank you for your understanding and patience for the consequences, in our service, that the application of the hygienic-sanitary measures that we have to implement due to the Covid-19 may entail. Your health is the most important thing for us.

We invite you to enjoy the gastronomy of the region in our facilities. We are open to your suggestions for incorporating dishes as well as recovering dishes from our menus from previous seasons, upon request.

We hope that your stay with us will be as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Patricia PĂ©rez (Director)



Croquettes of potatoes and veal with mushrooms sauce 8.00

4 potato and beef balls in panko batter with mushrooms sauce

Angus carpaccio with parmesan 9.75

Thin slices of Angus meat, with slices of parmensan cheese and our aeasoning.

Mussels in hot sauce, vinaigrette or in “marinera” sauce 10,60

Mussels (12 u.) with one of the three sauces: the mussels in hot sauce and “marinera” sauce are accompaniment with some potatoes. The mussels in a vinaigrette are served without potatoes.

Piquillo” peppers stuffed with Txangurro 12,70

“Piquillo” red peppers stuffed with seafood from the shell worked with onion, garlic, leek, tomato and brandy. Served with with shellfish sauce.

Grilled octopus with vinaigrette and potatoes with paprika 19,60

Octopus finished off with an apple vinaigrette with potatoes. All sprinkled with paprika.

Asturian scrambled eggs 18,60

Scrambled egg with sea urchin caviar.

Salads and cold dishes

Feta” cheese and smoked salmon salad with nuts 10,60

Various types of lettuce with pieces of “feta” cheese (fatty cheese matured in brine) and anchovies, dressed with our oils, vinegars and sauces.

Tomato tartare with dates and blueberries 10.60

Chopped tomatoes with dates and blueberries, vinegar and olive oil

Vinaigrette sauce with octopus and hake 12.00

Hake and octopus chopped and mixed with vinaigrette sauce

Anchovies from Santoña with smoked cheese 26.00

Anchovy fillet (10 units) from Santoña with “La Fontona” smoked cheese.

Soups and Creams

Seafood cream with bread crust 6.00

Cream made with crab, shrimp and fish broth. Served with pieces of fried bread.

Purrusalda in cream with its garlic sauce 5,00

Leek and potato cream (have a bit of cod). Served with a garlic and olive oil sauce.

Cream of zucchini 5,00

Cream of zucchini, potato and vegetable broth. Served sprinkling with a bit of nutmeg.


Baked cod with Ali-oli sauce 16,85

Fresh baked cod with ali-oli sauce (oil, garlic, vinegar, white wine, parsley).

Grilled sea bass 18,60

Grilled sea bass with a refried oil, vinegar, garlic, parsley and rosemary.

Grilled tuna fish with potatoes 17.00

Grilled tuna fish with olive oil, vinegar and garlic

Hake in the oven with onion and prawns sauce 18,60

Hake cooked with onion and prawns sauce.



Presa IbĂ©rica” with onion confit 17.60

Iberian pork (“Presa IbĂ©rica” is a part of the pork located in its shoulder) filleted, grilled, with fried potatoes and onion confit.

Duck Magret with potatoes “sarladaises” and “Pedro Ximenez” 17,85

Duck breast cooked in its juice accompanied by baked potatoes with duck fat, garlic and parsley and a reduction of P.X (Pedro Ximenez” is a spanish sweet wine).

Asturian veal EntrecĂ´te with “cabrales”cheese sauce 21.00

Grilled Asturian veal entrecĂ´te accompanied by cabrales cheese sauce and chips (+/- 400 gr.).

Beef Sirloine with red pepper sauce 21.50

Grilled beef sirloine with chips and red pepper sauce(weight +/- 200 gr.)


Ice cream cup (2 balls) 4,40

Two ice cream balls with several flavors to choose. The sorbet ice creams are gluten-free. Flavors: mandarin orange, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, vanilla and caramel …

Apple compote with milk cream 5.00

Apple compote flavoured with cinnamon and clove. Cream (100% natural) pasteurized with sugar.

Asturian whipped cheese with red fruits han 5.00

La Fontona cottage cheese beaten with sugar and homemade red fruits jam.

Vanilla ice cream with warm chocolate and milk cream 5,25

Two scoops of vanilla ice with warm chocolate and milk crean.

Asturian Cheeses

Ration 14.10

1/2 portion 7.10

Fatty pasteurized and raw milk cheeses.

Cabrales – raw cow’s milk

Vidiago – cow’s milk

Smoked PrĂ­a – cow’s milk 90%, sheep 10%

Mixture V.C.O. – Cow’s milk 40%, Goat 30% and Sheep 20%




Bread roll 1.10
Gluten-free bread roll 1.30
Gluten-free bread is baked on request
Coffee pot / machine 1.25
Miscellaneous infusions 1.25

  • A supplement of 1.50 euros may be applied to those persons who request only one dish of retail price less than 10.00 euros. (Example: to eat only a cream or soup).


If you have any food intolerance, ask the waiter.

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