Playa de San Pedro

Surroundings and activities

We are in Asturias and as the well known magazine “National Geographic” says, it’s one of the 50 places must-see places.

The variety of landscapes is so big, that it takes you to another word. The selection of activities is as big as the selection of scene. Asturias offers you, among lots of other things, this:

Iglesia Santa Mariad del Naranco Oviedo

Take a ride on a horse and get to know the surroundings.

Visit the famous port village Cudillero, see its different photogenic sides and live as a real local Pixueto.

Visit the hamlets of the Vaqueiros, the inhabitants of the villages in the mountains, and its stories.

You can also do lots of different physical activities as: paintball, descend a river in a kayak, guided walk tours, surfing or riding a bike.

Being a farmer for a day is also possible and a great experience for all ages